6 Social Media Marketing Trends No One Wants To Share

Best Social Media Marketing Trends nobody desires To Share

The idea of business has changed its meaning in the digital era. Marketing used to be an important factor in the traditional business, and the emergence of e-commerce and online trade gave birth to online marketing in the recent years. Social media marketing is an important part of online marketing, and it can help your business to grow easily. Moreover, social media marketing is cost effective and highly successful for any business. If you are planning for a new startup, here are 6 social media marketing trends that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Video Content

Video content has become an inseparable element of the social media marketing in the recent years. Recent reports have revealed the tendency of modern businesses of using video content as an online marketing tool. Another report claims that more than 1.5 billion people have created YouTube accounts and using them for social media marketing. You can see new features like stories, 360 photos and videos, live videos have been introduced. These things are taking the social media marketing to a whole new level.

  • Mobile Solutions

We have entered into the digital era, and the advancement of technology has simplified our lives.

The smartphone can be termed as a revolutionary discovery, and a large number of people have access to smart gadgets. Reports have clarified that the mobile traffic has rapidly increased compared to desktop traffic. So you have to get an idea on the social marketing techniques on various social media platforms.

  • Customized Chatbots

You might have seen customized chatbots on many websites that pop-ups just after you enter their website. Customized chatbots can be an effective way to conduct the social media marketing on different platforms. A customized chatbot can interact with the visitors, and it can provide efficient customer service all day long. The method is cost-effective and unique at the same time. There are many leading companies, who are using customized chatbots for social media marketing and it has proved to be highly effective.

  • Social Listening Tools

You might have heard about social listening tools, and many organizations are boosting their business with the help of such tools. Social listening tools can be described as the trend of tracking with the help of specific keywords, brands or product name. Use of social listening tools can help you to offer enhanced customer services than before. It also helps you to prepare more engaging content for your website, and it will result in enhanced traffic.

  • Face Filters And Augmented Reality

Face filter was a big hit in 2017, and the feature has gained popularity in the recent times. Moreover augmented reality feature is rapidly changing the idea of social media marketing nowadays. If you want to achieve success through online marketing tricks, you can’t ignore the importance of augmented reality feature available in 2018, and you should try these tricks for your business.

  • Instagram Marketing

Instagram has emerged as a major online social media marketing platform, and it comprises new features like stories, IGTV to boost your online marketing to a new level. Another feature called in-platform messaging is bringing a huge change in social media marketing nowadays. It allows you to interact with the users and the feature is beneficial in many ways.

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If you are looking for social media marketing techniques these tips will help you to achieve what you want.

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