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Search engine giant Google has been helping us with its multiple services since years. From Gmail and Google Hangout to Google Drive, Calendar and Google Admob we are gaining advantages from its multiple arms popularly known as G-Suite. Modern businesses can hardly think about running their online activities successfully without G-suite, and if you have not integrated this

effective business tool yet, you are running behind your competitors. At MQ Solutions, we help businesses to enjoy the benefits and advantages of Google Business solutions. From business email, cloud storage, to file sharing and video conferencing, we are helping businesses to enter the world of Google and make their business operation easier than ever before.

Find Everything in a Secured Place

Being the world’s largest email service provider, Gmail has already shown its worthiness for both business and individual accounts. Google’s advanced servers ensure 99.9% uptime on your business or personal email. Gmail comes with industry-leading spam protector that keeps your inbox junk-free.
We have moved away from the world where everything was written on papers and kept a bunch of files. We now keep everything in digital formats, and that is where Google’s cloud storage comes into action. We know how valuable your business data is and how much it will cost you if they are damaged or stolen.
We recommend and help our clients to keep everything in Google cloud storage. This storage will not only keep your business data safe but also allow you to share them with your colleagues whenever you want. The best part is that you can access the data from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablets.

Manage and Use Your Data Efficiently

The real-time co-editing option at G-Suite will help you to collaborate on spreadsheets, documents and presentations. This option will give you the final version of in a quick and effective way. We are here to help you to integrate Google Business solutions into your business. The IT solution will help you to set up new teams in minutes. There is no need to be worried about software updates, as G-Suite updates everything automatically. G-suite gives you the freedom to work with trendy files types. Documents will be available in formats like MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. G-Suite will allow you to share files with others who cannot even access G-Suite. Your data will be secured through business-grade security provided by Google itself. Your data will be safe and protected even if you have lost your computer or storage device.

Being a google’s partner

At MQ Solutions, we help our clients to avail all G-Suite application on their own business domain. With our help, you will have all G-Suite Google Apps including Gmail in your own domain. We can help you to open a new G-Suite account for your business, and this will allow you to work with Google as a team. Thus, contact us today and learn about the latest offers and discounts on Google Business solutions.

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