A Dip in Your SEO- Things to Do for Rescue

A Dip in Your SEO- Things to Do for Rescue

Jonathan started a food delivery start-up and hired website development service. He was told that just having a website will not be enough and it would be great if he also agrees to hire them for SEO services. Jonathan agreed, and the website was developed, and it started gaining good SEO rankings as well. After a few months, he realized that the website is not getting enough hits and the conversion rate is going down. It is obvious that SEO will dip down if you don’t work on it regularly.

There are many reasons to lose your rankings, and no one can guarantee about it. Whatever the reason is, no one likes to see their position drop or a free fall of their rankings. The most horrifying factor is the rise and fall, which is inevitable. We hope you have come across stuff like how to do SEO on my own on the internet and those are basic articles on various SEO practices. If you are worried about the loss of position on the search engine, this blog is for you. Here we will highlight ten interesting techniques to solve the problem and make everything right again.

Take a Look on the ABCs of Your Website

Whenever you remain busy watching the keywords’ performance of your website, you usually focus on the advanced strategies. In that rush, many people forget about the basic ABCs of their website. In many cases, we have seen the website owner worries about stuff like link velocity, citation optimization, or text ratio but the problem lies in the website, and that could be easily fixed directly. If you are searching for the best SEO services in Toronto, you should check it to make out the problem more easily. Too many restrictions on bots can also affect your rankings. It might happen that the search bots have failed to find your webpage due to restrictions and in such cases, you should loosen the restrictions.

Keep an Eye on the Basics of SEO

Basic SEO elements play a crucial role to define the ranking of a website. There are numerous elements like Title tags, Meta description, header tags and others that actively participate in defining your rankings and if you see that your rankings have been affected, you should check all these things accordingly. Small business SEO DIY is very simple, and you won’t have to take assistance from others. You can find many articles on the techniques, and you can learn it easily.

Take Help from Google Algorithm

Google has become a search engine giant in recent years, and it has helped the online businesses with its advanced tools.  You might be surprised to know that the quality algorithm panda and link algorithm Penguin are an element of Google’s core algorithm and if you are worried about the rankings, nothing can be better than this. Small business can be benefitted from SEO services and Google algorithm, and you have to make the most of it. Another good practice is to follow renowned influencers like Gary Illyes, Barry Schwartz or Danny Goodwin to stay updated all the time.

Keep an Eye on Google Search Console

Google has introduced numerous tools to take your business to the next level. Recent inventions comprise advanced technologies and features that help you to maintain, monitor and effectively control your website. Moreover, you can also check the GSC to find out whether there are any crawl errors with the indexing or visibility. Google Search Console gives an opportunity to structure your website with the help of an XML sitemap, and you can see the discrepancy if there’s any.  We suggest you check whether the email notifications are enabled in your search console preferences.

Take a Look on Google Analytics

If Google’s Analytics is an efficient method to check the traffic, bounce rates, user metrics like pages per session etc.  Many people have a misconception of altering the content to improve their traffic, and they often tend to alter the design, content or functionality. Google’s Analytics is a magical tool that can help you to check numerous details at once. If you are wondering how to use SEO techniques for your Toronto based business, this tool can help you to get insights into your business and handle it easily.

Look Out For Uniqueness in Content

If you are conducting an online business, it is essential to look for uniqueness in your contents.  Quality content plays an essential role to generate the traffic on your website and similarly poor content adversely affect your online presence. People look for quality content and poor content dissatisfy their expectation, and they tend to search better content available online. If you are thinking how to do SEO on my own, these tips will help you to get back to your lost ranking easily. Nowadays, duplicate content is the biggest concern for a website owner.

Nowadays there are many tools available to check the originality of the content, and you should check the content. If you find something similar, you can delete that portion and replace it with original content. Siteliner and Copyscape can be mentioned as the two most famous tools to check it, and if you are concerned about the content of your website, you should try these out.


Probably, you have seen many websites that take a long time to respond. If your website takes more than 3 seconds for loading, you should take immediate action to fix it. People don’t prefer staying for an hour on the pages, and if your pages take a long time, a large number of people will go back and search for another page of their interest.

Mobile Compatibility

The easy access to the smart device and high-speed internet has changed our habits. Nowadays a large number of people prefer using Mobile devices to surf the internet and other stuff, and hence you should check the mobile compatibility to ensure whether everything is all right.

The tips mentioned above are some of the most helpful techniques to regain your online rankings.  If you follow all these tips accordingly, it can help to get back your old position. Moreover, you can also get numerous SEO services provider in Toronto. If you are looking for professional services, you can check the services offered by MQ solutions, and we are sure that it will be helpful.

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