Are You The Owner Of A Small Or Medium-Sized Business In Canada?

Get a $2,400 Grant From The Canadian Government For Digital Adoption

The Canadian government is offering a generous grant of $2,400 to help businesses like yours harness the power of digital technologies and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Unlocking Opportunities

A Guide to Qualifying for the $2,400 Digital Adoption Grant

This description provides an overview of the $2,400 grant offered by the Canadian government for digital adoption. It outlines the purpose of the grant, its intended beneficiaries, and the potential benefits businesses can derive from it. The description may include details about the eligibility criteria, eligible expenses, and the application process.

This description focuses on the criteria businesses must meet to qualify for the $2,400 grant for digital adoption. It outlines the eligibility requirements, such as business size, location, and intent to invest in digital technologies. The description may also highlight the importance of compliance with grant requirements and the need for a commitment to digital transformation.

This description addresses common questions and concerns businesses may have about their eligibility for the $2,400 grant. It provides clarity on the qualification process, including the documentation required, the types of expenses covered, and the steps businesses can take to determine their eligibility. The description aims to reassure businesses and encourage them to explore the possibility of applying for the grant.

How It Works


Confirm Your Eligibility


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Submit Your Plan To Get Reimbursed

MQ Solutions Can Help

Once you qualify, we’ll create a custom package for $2,400 + HST to assist with Digital Adoption for one of the following services:
Web Design Services

Discover how MQ Solutions can transform your online presence with our expert web design services. From visually stunning layouts to seamless user experiences, we tailor each website to reflect your brand identity and engage your audience effectively.

SEO Services

Unlock the power of search engine optimization (SEO) with MQ Solutions. Our proven strategies and techniques will help your website rank higher in search engine results, attract more organic traffic, and reach your target audience effectively.

Social Media Marketing

Elevate your brand’s presence on social media with MQ Solutions. From strategic content creation to targeted advertising campaigns, we’ll help you connect with your audience, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement across social media platforms.

Content Marketing

Elevate your content strategy with MQ Solutions’ comprehensive content marketing services. From compelling blog posts to engaging multimedia content, we’ll help you attract, inform, and inspire your audience to take action.

Custom Development

Empower your business with custom software solutions from MQ Solutions. Whether you need a bespoke web application, e-commerce platform, or mobile app, our expert developers will bring your vision to life with precision and innovation.

Digital Marketing

Achieve your business goals and drive growth with MQ Solutions’ comprehensive digital marketing services. From strategic planning to execution and optimization, we’ll help you reach your target audience, generate leads, and maximize ROI across digital channels.

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