An Insight into the Upcoming SEO Trends Of 2019

2018 is about to say goodbye, what about your business promotion ideas? Well, you might wonder that you have planned all your SEO tricks and Social Media Optimization well, but it is wise not to rely on the same techniques.  Industry experts are continuously working to develop new SEO trends for small and big business organizations, and we can assume a massive change is on the way.  If you are interested in checking out the new SEO trends for 2019 to boost your business and services in Toronto, you shouldn’t miss this one.


Artificial Intelligence and SEO

If you are a tech buff, you might have an idea of how the artificial intelligence is changing the global scene of late.  Learning and Automation Technology is likely to get more importance in the future, and the process has been started. You can see the voice search has already gained popularity among the users and advanced voice search tools like Siri, Cortana, Google voice search, Smart devices, smart TVs took it to a whole new level.

Virtual Reality

Similar to the voice search, virtual reality and artificial reality have shown its impact on the subject of search engine optimization. Industry experts are personalising the SERPs with different factors like age, gender, search history, hobby, and locations to offer a different experience on the internet. Virtual reality is about to bring a huge change in the world of SEO, and they have started working on different things like image optimization, URL optimization, page structure and others.  The introduction of the smartphone has also affected the online business and hence, website owners have focused on building responsive mobile websites for their business. If you are searching for the upcoming SEO services trends for your Toronto based businesses, you should consider this as an effective SEO trend of 2019.

Code Optimization And Search Objective

The process of online business has changed from the early years. Now you don’t have to type it on the screen; you press the button and inquire about your desired product, and the search engine will find the most relevant searches against your query. Industry experts and specialists are focusing more on key phrases to enhance the user experience on their website, and this is changing the scenario rapidly. As a result, developers are making new tools, technologies and methodologies to interpret the data and improve security at the same time.  Developers are also trying to improve the performance with advanced technologies like CDB’s key management of Scripts, caching systems, CSS files and others.


The blockchain is supposed to be another leading SEO trend in the coming year, and marketing experts are trying their best to comprise videos in recent times.  AR and VR content can decrease the features of infographics in SEO, and the search might favour those sites that allow VR/AR.  Nowadays you can find many organizations who are integrating web 3.0 at Blockchain together.  We suggest you maintain your website’s technical portions so that your rankings won’t get affected.

Mobile Search

Industry experts have revealed that a large portion of traffic is generated from the mobiles and hence they are focusing on mobile site more than the desktop sites and others. We can assure that it will affect the SEO trend and in future, the mobile and voice search friendly websites will be favoured in the SERPs.  You have to remember that the search engine algorithm is continuously changing and it is aiming to be more sophisticated technically. If you are looking for the upcoming SEO trends for your businesses in Toronto, you can’t ignore the importance of mobile search in 2018.

Consumer Experience

It is tough to clarify the exact scenario of SEO, but we hope that consumer experience will play an important role to define the rankings in the future.  Tech giant Google has already introduced numerous tools to experience customized experience on the SERPs, and there is no doubt that it will result in improved end-user experience on the websites. Now developers are trying to design a site that comprises good content, answers the questions of your consumers and quick at the same time.

Technical SEO

You’ll be surprised to learn that the big SEO companies have already invested in machine learning and it is rapidly changing the idea of search engine optimization.

Experts are trying to enhance the user experience with advanced technologies and other tools, and we can assume that technical SEO will play an important role in the upcoming year. Google has comprised numerous tools that provide numerous data about the bounce rate, number of viewed pages and other details about rankings. Y

ou might have seen the tendency of making informational websites nowadays, and the reason is the change. This is affecting the ranking of the websites, and hence website owners are trying to prioritizing the contents on the website in recent times. In the early days, SEO used to be a technical skill however the scene has changed a lot, and you can find numerous elements to play an important role nowadays.

The Change in Search

The style of keyword research has been changed from the early days, and experts need to think differently.  Users have started using voice search, and they use their regular dialects to search. As a result, the SEO trend is likely to change, and the experts should think like their audience. This can be described as another effective SEO trend to enhance your Toronto based business; if you are searching for the most important SEO trend of 2019, it is one of them.

SEO techniques are not like advertisements, but still, it enhances the traffic and easily boosts your business. The easy access to high-speed internet and smart devices has changed the way of modern business, and we assume that the trends mentioned above will make some changes in the present SEO trends. If you want to make a stand in the competitive atmosphere, you should be prepared accordingly and you can take help from the above-mentioned tips.  For more insight, you can contact MQ Solutions, the leading SEO service provider in Toronto.

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