Tips to Power up Your SEO with Just 30 Minutes Daily

Nowadays, you can find almost every website owner to practise SEO techniques to boost their business, but, in many cases, the techniques won’t work accordingly.

Why don’t they get enough visitors on their website?

Why is the conversion rate low?

Why is the flow of traffic not consistent?

If you are also searching for answers to these questions, then your business might also need to power up the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


If you have been exhausted trying several SEO techniques and wondering –‘How to do SEO on my own, this article can save you.

30 Minutes of Daily SEO

We have seen many organizations forget handling SEO practices due to other associated activities and it affects their business over time. Many have given up on SEO as they have mishandled it and made it an arduous task, but in reality, small business SEO DIY is very simple once you understand the whole thing. If you give only 30 minutes on SEO practices on a daily basis, it will boost your business and online presence accordingly. So let’s take a look at 30 minutes SEO practices.

We have listed up things to do that you should follow for a month and you can see the progress. We have divided the tasks from day-to-day, and you have to give half an hour regularly to see the difference.

Search Your Seed Keywords

If you are looking for boosting your online presence, you must search for the seed keywords and the rankings first. It will expand the reach and enhance the traffic on your website easily. Choose the keywords depending on your niche and search for the seed keywords. You can take help from Rank Tracker or Google Search Console to see the keywords’ rankings. Use the keywords, and you can notice the improvement within just a few days.

Discover the Keywords Used By Your Competitors

You have to remember that once you have found the seed keywords, your tasks haven’t finished. SEO rankings change depending on the different things like emerging competition, industry, site, budget etc. Don’t expect that your traffic will be boosted within a day; you will have to make some efforts as well. You can easily get the keyword rankings used by your competitors using different tools like Keyword Research or Rank Tracker and access the keyword profile easily.

When you have access to the keyword profile, it will be easier to reach out to the targeted consumers easily. Moreover, you can also find new keywords which will help you to explore newer opportunities at the same time.  Google has been offering multiple tools to manage your business, and you can take help from tools like Google AD words planner, and you will find numerous tools on the internet.

Custom Filtering  

Once you get the keywords, you have to filter it out. You will see numerous keywords, and you must exclude the long and uncommon keywords. Stick to the most relevant keywords, and it will work.  You can choose the keywords depending on length or difficulty or something else. If you are looking for effective SEO services in Toronto, keyword filtering will be the best option to boost your reach easily. Custom filtering feature has changed online business in recent years, and you should utilize the feature to boost your reach on the internet.

Prepare a Map

The next step is to prepare a map of keywords for your website.  You can include specific keywords for different pages, and it will enhance the traffic.  We suggest you include competitive keywords for relevant pages so that you can reach out to the targeted people easily. Once you are done with all these things, you have to look at page optimization.

Optimize Your Website

Now you don’t have to worry about keywords anymore. It’s time to focus on landing page optimization. If your page is a big one, it might take longer time optimizing it. You need to follow some simple steps to complete the process.  You can go to the website auditor and then go to the content analysis module. You can check the optimization score and see result how relevant is your page compared to your competitors.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The emergence of smartphones has changed the idea of online business, and it is playing an important role in different places. A large portion of the audience now uses mobile devices to check various things. If you don’t make your website mobile-friendly, you will lose out a large number of target audiences. Moreover, you also have to take care of the titles, headings and meta-descriptions on the websites to boost your online sales easily.

Fix Coding Issues

If you have a website for your business, you might have faced coding issues before. Coding issues are common, and you have to solve it as soon as possible. When you are working with SEO services in Toronto, a small mistake can turn out to be troublesome and affect your platform. Check for the coding errors carefully, and once you solve it, your website will get the traffic that you wished.

Check the Outcome

Once you do all these things accordingly, you should check the outcome too. We suggest you make a schedule and check for the rankings of your website. You can customize the schedule according to your preference and check the changes on a regular basis.  Your progress will be shown there, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

The tips mentioned above are some of the most important practices that will help you to boost your online presence with effective SEO practices. If you are wondering how to use SEO for your Toronto based business, you should follow the techniques we mentioned above.

If you loved this post, let us know your valuable feedback on the same. You can also suggest some tips if you feel so. If you want to enhance SEO for your business, you can contact MQ solutions, the leading provider of SEO services in Toronto.

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