Mobile First Indexing- Steps For SEO Optimization

Have you ever seen or heard any successful businessman saying that he can run a business just by swinging his fingers? Well, he might be making such a statement due to his apt hold on his business aspects, but this is literally possible these days. Yes, many people are running a business just by swinging their fingers on the smartphones.


Moreover, Google has begun experimenting on mobile first indexing to take SEO optimization to a whole new level. SEO optimization plays a vital role to generate the traffic on your website, and if you are conducting online business, you just can’t ignore it.

Mobile First Indexing

Small business SEO DIY has become common nowadays, and you won’t have to ask others to help you optimizing your platform. The mobile-first index from Google will take a look on the mobile version at first and then it will focus on the website version on the absence of a mobile version. The use of mobile devices has rapidly increased in recent years, and significant traffic is generated from the mobile devices, if your website is not mobile friendly, we can bet that you are losing a significant amount of traffic on your website and you should join the mobile revolution and fix it as soon as possible. Google has decided to emphasize more on the mobile devices, and the article will give you an idea on how to optimize SEO through mobile-first indexing.


According to the statement of Maile Ohye, the Developer Programs Tech Lead of Google, the limitation of e-commerce website acceptability is two seconds. Moreover, she also stated that they try to do it within half-second. As more people have started using mobile devices, they tend to switch to another website if it is too slow. The speed of your website is a vital thing to get a good ranking on the SERPs. If you are wondering how to use SEO and improve the page speed for your Toronto based business website, you should keep your eyes on several things.

Image: many people often use large sized images on their website that affect the rapidity of your website. We suggest you optimize the images according to the ratio of the page and it will be very helpful for you.

Removal of redundant characters from source code: If you want to enhance the swiftness of your website you should minify the codes.  It can be described as the procedure of removing the redundant characters from source code with no alteration of the functionality.

Decrease redirects: You might have come across websites where there are too many redirects, and it feels like an annoyance. In many cases, plenty of redirects slow down the website, and it affects the traffic negatively.

Responsive Mobile Design

In many cases, we have seen that website owner often prioritize their website and rather than the mobile site.  As a result, they miss out a significant amount of traffic on their mobile site. The use of mobile devices has increased over the past years, and recent studies reveal people have started using mobile more than desktops and laptops nowadays. If you are determined to improve your SEO services for the Toronto based business, you should consider the importance of a responsive mobile site for your customers. A single responsive site can be beneficial in numerous ways. The users will be benefitted as well as the website owners too. If you are looking to optimize your SEO, you should follow the steps,

Avoid pop-ups: if you have an online business, you must be looking for the generation of leads. However, too many pop-ups often make it disturbing, and the visitors tend to leave your site immediately.  As a result, you might see increasing bounce rate and poor rankings. If you are willing to optimize your SEO services in Toronto, you shouldn’t use pop-ups on your mobile site.

Avoid flash elements from the mobile site: Developers used to add flash elements for different websites in the early days. However, flash elements are not supported on mobiles, and hence you should avoid it. You can use Java or HTML 5 to add various elements to your website.

Design: You will have to remember that your users will explore the website with their fingers and hence you should design it differently.  We suggest you avoid accidental taps and allow scrolling and other features into the site.

Allow Images, Javascript, CSS

The idea of mobile site design has changed a lot form the early days. Developers used to block elements like CSS, Javascript and images due to various challenges. However, the scenario has changed, and now developers allow CSS, Javascript and images. Smartphones with higher configuration have changed the scene and now the days are gone.  GoogleBot can take care of all these elements, and now you can easily categorize them. If you have blocked some features on your website, it’s time to change it now.

Local Optimization

The local search algorithm has been changed in recent years due to the advancement of technology and others. Now mobile search has become a vital thing and you should keep an eye on the several things like meta-description, title tags, alt tags, H1 heading etc. If you are determined and searching how to do SEO on my own, you should focus on these things, and it will help you.

On-Page Optimization

Whenever you are working with search engine results pages, you have limited space.  Many people add poor descriptions, and it affects their business, however precise, and to the point, description helps the search engine to recognize your site and improves the rankings.

These are some basic steps to SEO optimization with mobile first indexing. Small business SEO services have been supporting many organizations over the years, and if you are also willing to get professional assistance, you can take a look at the SEO services and offerings from MQ solutions in Toronto. You can also write us back to share your feedback with us.

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