SEO 101-Things to Follow Before Optimizing Your Website

Michael was starting his new business and as a beginner, he had limited knowledge about the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. His business partner told him that the key responsibility of an SEO company is to increase the visibility of their client’s websites, SEOs improve the ranking of websites in the organic search results at some of the major search engines.


Michael became interested in learning more about SEO, mostly about SEO 101 that can play a major role in directing traffic to a site. He learned that they could also make a site popular by creating and publishing some amazing contents for the visitors. Based on his detailed research, he prepared some effective tips on SEO 101. Take a look at the tips he listed about SEO 101 and things to follow before optimizing a website.

Concentrate on Your Content

No matter how good your keywords are, you still have to create quality content to keep your site floating in the competition. Before you publish content through your site, make sure they make sense and represent your business before your target audience.

People often create content to please search engines and face drawbacks when it comes to improving the search engine rank. You should target the readers or visitors and publish content that can woo your target audience first. Thus, pay attention to the quality of your content rather than producing anything to please search engines.

Do Not Ignore Old Content

Yes, you have to create and publish fresh and interesting content to draw the attention of visitors and search engines as well, but at the time you have to keep a close watch on your existing and older content that might have been developed by a reputed SEO Toronto service.

You believe or not; you older posts may bear more significance than the newer ones. This means that your older posts can also play greater roles in improving your ranking on the major search engines like Google.

Use Keywords like Human

Try to avoid using keywords generated by machines and conduct research mostly about SEO 101 to find some creative keywords that sound like created by a human being. Once you have managed to select the right keywords for your content, insert them most naturally so that they look better and do not confuse the readers.

Before doing anything with your keywords, you must understand the fact that keywords are the search term that searchers type on the searching bars when they try to find something online. Thus, the keywords you have selected for your content should make sense, and they must look natural. You can also opt for SEO Toronto services if you believe that you have to do some work on your keywords.

See from Visitor’s Point of View

If your sole objective is to increase your online visibility and improve conversion rate through better traffic, then you should see everything from a visitor’s point of view, as this will help you to learn what a visitor may think about your site.

If you think like a user, then you must focus on the speed of your site. You should take note how much seconds does your site take to load. If you find the speed below average, you have to do some work on it through SEO services in Toronto. Also, if your website is not compatible with all devices and browsers, it will be quite difficult for your site to become the search engine’s favorite.

Engage Social Media

No matter how big or small your business is, you have to give importance to the advantages of utilizing different social media platforms for online marketing campaigns. You can also work together to improve your social media presence and search engines rankings.

If you manage to improve your rank on search engines, there is a greater chance to gain popularity on the social media. Likewise, you can improve your rank on the search engines by gaining popularity on the social media platforms. Thus, learn more about the importance of social media mostly about SEO 101 and improve your online visibility.

Look Out for Internal and External Links

You should have internal links in your content, as they represent the value and importance of your content. Using internal links in the content means you are trying to increase the rate of traffic as improving the SEO ranks. Remember, each of the links you have used in your content should come with different and effective keywords provided by one of the best SEO services in Toronto.

Like internal links, external links play a major role in improving your ranks. However, you have to be a little bit careful when using the external links in your content. Make sure they do not direct your target audience to your competitors’ site. Moreover, you have to take care of the authenticity of the links you are suggesting through your content, as they can play a major role in building trust.

Optimize Your Images Too

If you are trying to learn more about the SEO service, mostly about SEO 101, you should be aware of the modern trends. This will help you to learn the tricks needed to improve the visibility of your site even in the crowd of millions.

Like written texts, images are too needed optimization. You should realize the fact that visual contents are equally popular as texts and you should give priority to the image optimization through a top-ranked SEO Toronto service provider. Image optimization will help visitors to find images they were looking for easily.

Here, you should understand the fact that your competitors will also be there to improve their rankings on the search engines. Thus, try to evaluate the interest of the local audience and select keywords and content that can draw the attention of the local audience.



The key objectives of SEO are not only to improve your rankings and online visibility, but also to provide a greater user experience to your audience. Ranging from generating keywords to web design and creating content, SEO service providers like MQ Solutions are there to deliver solutions for your every need. To know more about SEO services mostly about SEO 101, never forget to visit the site of MQ Solutions, one of the leading SEO companies in the city of Toronto.

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