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Feed The Six approached MQ Solutions with the goal of enhancing their online presence to better connect with donors, volunteers, and individuals in need. As a charitable organization dedicated to combating hunger and homelessness across Canada, Feed The Six required a website that not only showcased their mission and impact but also facilitated seamless donation and volunteer engagement.

Project Overview: The project involved the development of a new website for Feed The Six, aimed at effectively communicating their mission, showcasing their initiatives, and providing user-friendly functionality for donations and volunteer sign-ups. The website needed to convey the urgency of their cause while inspiring visitors to take action and support their efforts in combating hunger and homelessness.

Project Info

Feed The Six


Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario

During the needs assessment phase, extensive consultations were conducted with Feed The Six to thoroughly understand their objectives, target demographic, and desired website functionalities. Following this, our team conceptualized a design that encapsulated Feed The Six’s core mission of providing sustenance and hope to those facing hunger and homelessness, integrating elements of empathy, inclusivity, and empowerment. Leveraging WordPress CMS along with a suite of technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we developed a responsive website that not only showcased Feed The Six’s impactful programs and initiatives but also offered intuitive navigation and seamless donation and volunteer engagement features. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated impactful stories and testimonials throughout the website to humanize the organization’s efforts and inspire empathy and action among visitors.

Outcome: The collaboration between MQ Solutions and Feed The Six resulted in the successful launch of a dynamic, user-friendly website that effectively communicates the organization’s mission, impact, and initiatives. The new website serves as a powerful tool for raising awareness, inspiring action, and fostering community engagement in the fight against hunger and homelessness across Canada. With enhanced functionality for donations and volunteer engagement, Feed The Six is better equipped to mobilize support and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families in need.

Brand Name

Feed The Six

Services Provided

WordPress Development



Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP powered by WordPress CMS

Key Features

Impactful Imagery and Storytelling: Engaging visuals and compelling storytelling to convey the impact of Feed The Six’s work and evoke empathy and support.

Donation and Volunteer Engagement: User-friendly donation forms and volunteer sign-up functionalities to facilitate seamless engagement and support.

Resource Hub: A centralized resource hub providing information on hunger and homelessness, educational materials, and resources for individuals in need.

Social Media Integration: Integration of social media platforms to amplify Feed The Six’s reach and encourage community engagement and advocacy.

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