Why your online business needs a Custom Application Development Service

Why your online business needs a Custom Application Development Service

Why your online business needs a Custom Application Development Service

Every business with an online platform needs a Custom application development service and there are so many reasons why. Many businesses are drifting away from the generic applications and templates offered by web builders not because they don’t work, but because they don’t work well enough. If you want to take your business to another level and increase your scalability rate, a custom application development service is what your website needs to function properly and to meet the unique needs of your clients. But what is a custom application development service?

What is a Custom Development Service?

This service prioritizes the development of software applications that meet the specific needs of the user who may be an individual or company. While generic, off-the-shelf systems are designed to serve specific functions that most users have a need for, a custom application development service is highly individualized and designed to solve the needs of targeted users who use the platform.

In the past, many businesses with online platforms didn’t mind using generic templates as long as they worked; however, as time went on, the competition heated up and most businesses wanted to stand out from the competition by offering service/product differentiation. This led to the need to develop

  • Attractive websites
  • Websites with user-friendly features and functions
  • Fast loading websites

These benefits were something off the shelf software and templates couldn’t give them but a custom website could hence the growing popularity of the latter.

Cheaper is not smarter

If you want a website that stands out and one that users will find user-friendly, you need to think out of the box. Paying for cheap software and templates for your business website may seem like a smart thing to do, however, that will be a special case of being penny-wise and pound foolish. It makes no sense to waste your money on a site that does not benefit your business well enough.

Why your online business needs a Custom Application Development Service

Reasons why your business needs a Custom Application Development Service?

Based on known data, 38% of website users will log out of a website if they find it to be unattractive while 39% will stop using one if it takes too long a time to load. These are the facts, not mere speculation, so if you want your business to flourish in the online space here are some of the reasons why a custom service is a must for your business.

Planning for growth

As your business grows, so will your needs. How you perform in the future will be down to the quality of your foundation today. A Custom service makes it easy for you to add new features to your website as the demand for your service and online visitors increases. This is one of the biggest benefits many entrepreneurs consider when shopping for a new website and decide to go for a customized version.

Data Access

Every business needs data to grow. When you make data-driven decisions, you will get most of your business decisions right, 9 out of 10. Crunching numbers on excel spreadsheets and analyzing information on your own will take you more time than you can afford. However, a custom website offers you all the data you need in a dashboard. If current data is of importance to you, you can access them to make decisions with far-reaching consequences in a timely manner.


A custom application development service makes your online platform highly adaptable. Instead of changing your business operations to fit the software you use, you tweak some of the functions to suit your current need. How is this possible, you may ask; well, customized platforms are highly adaptable? They are quite flexible because the developer makes them so. If you hire a custom developer like MQ Solutions to handle the development of your website, the site will be designed in such a way as to allow future modifications when the need arises


Most websites do not work in isolation these days but work hand in hand with other platforms like Social Media sites and external plug-ins and open source applications. If you want your site to be integrated with all the platforms and applications you work with, you can’t afford to use a website with restrictive features or one with a limited scope. You want a website that allows you to work with as many applications as you want without compromising security.


The best websites are the ones that are highly scalable and this is the one that a custom developer can build for you. For guaranteed growth on a consistent basis, you need a website that can handle increased online traffic, not one that will buckle under pressure. Custom applications are the best if you want your website to keep pace with your growing business.

Above, we have reviewed some of the reasons why your online business may require a custom application development service. In the following section, let us review some of the benefits of using MQ Solutions custom application development services.

Boost your brand

When you hire MQ Solutions custom application services, you are guaranteed a boost in your brand. Why so? Simply because your website will stand out from your competition. Distinct features like navigation tools, online payment systems, fonts, design colors, and other features will stand out. Customization makes it relatively easy to brand your website, and if you do, visitors will remember the website and keep coming back to it because they enjoy using it. Furthermore, website branding will make it relatively easy for the user to differentiate yours from every other website.

Why your online business needs a Custom Application Development Service

Optimized Search results

If your website is going to be big and loaded with hundreds and thousands of pages, the last thing you want is for users to spend minutes and hours searching for the information or pages that they need. To speed up the search process, you need effective search tools that help the user track down the pages that they need. Also, you want users to find your site online. All these are made possible with custom search applications.

Currently, more than 50% of web traffic comes from search engines like Google. A customized platform makes it easy for web crawlers to find your web pages. In addition, should you decide to use SEO content, web crawlers will find your website easily? The end result will be an increase in web traffic.

Improved user experience

Another way a custom application development service can benefit your business is in the area of improved user experience. If your website has a responsive web design, users will enjoy using the platform. SEO optimization makes it easy for them to search for content, Mobile optimization makes it easy for them to access your platform using their smartphones. A well-coordinated interface makes it easy for them to understand what a page contains at first glance.

When you contract MQ Solutions to build a website for you, you are guaranteed a custom website with

  • Improved readability
  • Smooth On-site navigation
  • Mobile optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Fast page loading

Better Security

In the modern online space, security is a big deal and users are mindful of the sites that they use. If you want users to trust your website, they have to see the quality of your security architecture. Sometimes, Google will even warn the user that a site does not have SSL installed, making it vulnerable to hackers and online criminals. This warning is enough to scare users away and that is the last thing you want for your site.

To protect your users and your site, a custom website allows you to install security applications that will secure your platform from external hacks.

Your trusted Custom Developer

With so much to gain and very little to lose, your online business can benefit greatly from a custom application website. At MQ Solutions we pride ourselves on developing Customized platforms that meet the unique needs of our clients and we can do the same for you. All these benefits can be yours and more. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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